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Solidarity and Defence

Solidarity and Defence

by Ericson, Lars (Ed.)
Commission suédoise d´Histoire militaire

157 pages, hard cover, illustrated
ISBN 91-630-3835-8

From the Barbary states in North Africa to Bosnia-Herzegovina, from the early 19th Century to the late 20th Century, Swedish Armed Forces have been participating in international peace-keeping operations.

In this book ten scholars present the history of these operations, carried out in all parts of the world. Although a number of earlier operations-especially Schleswig 1848 and Saar 1934-1935-are described, the emphasis in the book is on the post-1945 era.

The reader can follow different UN missions in Congo, on Cyprus, in the Middle East until the present UN involvement in former Yugoslaviaobstacles and failures as well as successes. Special focus is given to the
development from peace-keeping to peace-enforcement in the post-1989 world.

Thus this book gives an introduction to the history of international peace-keeping throughout the last two centuries in general, as well as to the Swedish participation in these operations in specific.