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Kashmir´s Forgotten Guardians

Kashmir´s Forgotten Guardians

by Anders Blixt - a Swedint Report
Soft cover, illustrated, 88 pages

The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), the cease-fire observer mission in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, was established in early 1949 as a result of the first war between India and Pakistan. Its original tasks were to enable the two countries to maintain a cease-fire, to supervise a withdrawal of their forces and to assist in the arrangement of a plebiscite on the political affiliation of the State
of Jammu and Kashmir with the final goal of a political settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

UNMOGIP has always been a low-profile organization, quietly passing its findings to the United Nations' Secretary-General and to the military commands of India and Pakistan. As a consequence, few outsiders know of UNMOGIP and its attempts to defuse Indo-Pakistani tensions in the Kashmir region. The issue at stake today - which country should possess Jarnmu and Kashmir - is the same as in 1948.

UN had in 2006, five observers and a medical assistant in Kashmir.

Kashmir 's Forgotten Guardians studies the history and current activities of UNMOGIP to evaluate its potentials for the future. In a time when the United Nations is called upon for numerous peace-keeping endeavours all over the world, it is important to analyze the performance of such operations, past and present. By learning from the past, it will be possible to do a better job the future.


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