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Hell Week - a blazing inferno

Hell Week - a blazing inferno

With ILLUSTRATED CLASSICS in mind, the cartoonist Lennart Moberg has written and drawn a dramatic event in Norrköping's history. The Russians' ravages in 1719 have become a comic book.

The book is released in the late 2019, just before the time of the Russians' ravages in Norrköping 300 years earlier.

Article from Norrköping's newspapers 2018-09-20 / Culture / Entertainment page 3:

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(Only work copies are currently available.)

Sweden was often in conflict with Russia, and countless were the battles that was fought between the countries. Even today Sweden looks upon Russia with suspicion (and vice versa of course). This is exemplified in an illustrated book, the exciting topic when the Russians in the early 1700s devastated and burned large parts of the Swedish Baltic coast line. Norrkoping, in particular, was hit hard since practically the whole town disappeared in the flames. The basic story (the summary) are historically accurate with names and places and people that were prominent. However, the story itself a fiction with exciting and dramatic events.

The story is structured as a so-called. "Illustrated Classics" series (comics) without the balloons, but with the book text in compressed form.