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Decorations on Swedish military uniforms

Decorations on Swedish military uniforms

by Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Braunstein

198 pages - all in full colours
Hard cover

In the military where all signs of status are shown on the uniform, decorations have always played an important role. Worn not only on parade, they are also shown as "ribbons" on the ordinary tunic-in daily use. During the last decade the knowledge about decorations and how they are worn has become
more important in the new international situation where many Swedish officers are working.

Publicly worn decorations have always roused strong feelings. These can be admiration, envy, political irritation or in worst case international trouble often depending on who has presented the decoration. Very few people are today "showing off' their nazi and communist orders and medals. Of course this is a
specially sensitive matter if it is on a military uniform in a democratic country like Sweden.

The matter is so important that earlier it was the King who decided which decorations would be allowed on a military uniform but today it has been delegated to the Supreme Commander.

The National Swedish Museums of Military History, which also includes the Board of Military Traditions, think it is important to complete their series of books about military heraldry, colours and traditions with a book about military decorations and how these are worn.

Rewards of the government are as important as punishments and the empty space which opened up in 1974 when the Swedish system of orders was abolished, has been a problem for the Armed Forces. About this You can read in the book but the main part
of it is a list of all decorations (with pictures) which have been allowed on a military uniform in Sweden during the 20th century.


Heraldry of the Swedish Armed Forces
by Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Braunstein